The pet day-care/play-care phenomenon has exploded in recent years as more and more people recognize the great value in group pet play. The mental and physical stimulation play-care provides animals is well documented. House-bound pets, left alone at home for long periods of time, are prime candidates for lethargy, dissatisfaction, bad behavior and loneliness. Pets become over dependant on people who are invariably absent. Whether you bring your pet to day care once a week or more often, we promise that interactive day-care will have a very positive impact on your pets disposition, fitness and personality. OVERCOME PET BOREDOM! Have a satisfied, happier pet!!

BellyRubz offers a stimulating, cage-free environment featuring separate areas for small and larger dogs, plus a nice large outdoor covered patio. Our positive, enthusiastic trainers provide a safe and fun atmosphere. They continually reinforce good dog habits. BellyRubz maintains organized, controlled and monitored areas where a group of friendly dogs may interact and play. The result is stimulation, exercise, socialization, and in some cases, training. Dogs return home satisfied, fulfilled, tired and happy.

Behaviorists have learned that dogs are happiest in groups. After all, they are pack animals. They need to run and romp regularly. Nothing is worse than the sorry pet who is left alone at home, staring at the door, waiting for his master to return. This misguided focus leads to poor behavior, barking, scratching, chewing, and regression from training or house-breaking. Worse, guilty owners often compound inactivity by overfeeding food and treats. Daycare, even for one day a week, breaks the boredom cycle. Remember, for your dog to be around other dogs is a joy like no other. Have a satisfied, happier pet!

Qs and As:

Q: My dog has never been around other dogs. I don’t even think he likes other dogs. Will he be afraid?

A: Like people, some dogs are naturally more outgoing than other dogs. Our experience shows us that very very few healthy dogs do not take to day-care. There may be a short adjustment period, but we find that almost every dog will get involved and participate to a much greater degree than their owners believed. Even dogs who prefer to remain on the sidelines will go with the pack when it goes outside. They will return together, find pals like themselves, interact with the trainers. Our dog handlers are sensitive to each dog, and we work hard to include each and every pet in the fun.

Q: Do the dogs eat during day-care?

A: Having a snack and running after a little kibble and fun-food each day is part of the fun. Some dogs bring their own lunch; those dogs are pulled out of the group and are placed in a quiet spot to eat.

Q: Is there an evaluation process for a new dog?

A: Yes. Dogs are individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community the first time. We may deny a dog admission to day-care for any reason, including aggression or uncontrollability.

Q: What are the Day-care requirements?

A: Puppies may be four months old with current shots.

All dogs must have current shots including rabies, DHLPPC, and bordetella (kennel cough).
Dogs must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. (BellyRubz may consider exceptions based on temperament, etc.)
Ill dogs will not be accepted. If you dog becomes ill, you will be phoned for immediate pick up.

Q: Is there a vet on staff?

A: No, but there are two terrific vets right next door at Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital. We have a wonderful relationship with them.

Q: I have a teenie little Westie. He loves to play but I’d rather not have him interact with larger dogs. What can you do?

A: BellyRubz has separate play areas for small and large dogs. Your Westie would go with the little guys. By the way, Westies and all the Terriers do great…they have a blast!

Q: We own an older Golden. We love her more than any member of the family! She’s large but pretty docile at her age. Nonetheless I’d love to get her out of the house periodically. Can she play safely?

A: Absolutely! We have the discretion to place older dogs, even large ones, in the small dog area if their disposition is a fit. This works for everyone, and the little ones love it too.


  Daily 2 or More Half Day Up to 2 hrs
Mini / Small $32.00 $28.00 $26.00 $11.00
Medium / Large $42.00 $37.00 $32.00 $14.00


  8 Days 12 Days 20 Days
Mini / Small $31.00 $29.00 $26.00
Medium / Large $39.00 $36.00 $31.00