The single most important element in determining the quality of dog grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. BellyRubz employs five of the most experienced and talented groomers in Arizona. Each has groomed professionally for 15 to almost 30 years. That’s a lot of grooming experience. You do not get a rookie, you do not get a hurried bath-girl. Our groomers do all the work themselves. We groom all breeds of dogs, AND CATS TOO! We will chose the groomer who is the best fit for your pet.


Linda has been a professional groomer for almost 30 years. Linda has owed dogs and animals her entire life and she has a sincere and heartfelt affection for dogs, which is communicated in an uncanny way. Her warmth is felt by the animal almost instantly and allows Linda to bring out the very best features of a dog’s personality and breed. Linda’s expertise is ably demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from Goldens to Yorkies, from Bichons to Bernese. She’s been at BellyRubz for over 9 years. She enjoys a wide and enthusiastic clientele.


Judie is a small dog specialist. For over 25 years Judie has established and maintained a practice centered on all the terriers, Bichons, Lhasos, Schnauzers, Maltese, Cockers, and other small to medium-sized dogs. Judie is as gentle and affectionate as any groomer in town. Judie is extra patient and extra careful, therefore, older and special dogs are a great fit for her as well as first-time puppies. Judie takes her time, Judie does it right.